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Williamson addresses Postal Pulse survey results

The Postal Pulse survey was conducted in March and April.

Chief Human Resources Officer Jeff Williamson answers candid questions about the Postal Pulse survey results in a new video.

The 5-minute production shows Williamson responding to questions from Sr. Public Relations Representative Sue Brennan, who expresses skepticism about the survey.

“I don’t see how these 12 questions can affect the changes that I personally see need to happen,” Brennan says.

Williamson responds, “What the Postal Pulse gets to is the core of engagement — which is relationships.”

The Postal Pulse survey was conducted in March and April. The newly released results show USPS needs to strengthen “employee engagement,” a term used to describe employees’ involvement, enthusiasm and positive contributions to the organization.

The survey is part of the Postal Service’s broader efforts to invest in its workforce, said Employee Engagement Executive Director Kelvin Williams.

“The Postal Service is very interested in and committed to engaging employees, supervisors and managers at all levels of the organization,” he said.

Additional videos are expected. Employees are encouraged to email feedback to

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