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Going UPS

Company to hike shipping fees in several categories

UPS raises prices
UPS will raise its ground, air and freight rates during the next few weeks.

UPS is raising its ground, air and freight shipping rates, the company announced last week.

Freight rates will rise an average 4.9 percent Oct. 26. Beginning Dec. 28, ground shipping will increase 4.9 percent, and air and international services will go up about 5.2 percent.

UPS also will boost surcharges for fuel and heavy packages.

The Atlanta-based company currently charges $57.50 for oversized packages, Dow Jones Business News reported.

Beginning Nov. 2, UPS will charge an additional $52.50 for larger and heavier packages, while ground shipping fuel surcharges will be 5.25 percent (up from 4.75 percent). Fuel surcharges for air and international services will be 4.5 percent (up from 3 percent).

In September, FedEx announced plans to raise fuel surcharges, as well as shipping rates for heavier packages.

The Postal Service doesn’t charge fuel surcharges.

Last week, USPS filed notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission of proposed prices changes for its shipping products. The new prices, which are scheduled to take effect in January, represent the first price increase in more than three years for commercial Priority Mail.

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