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Price changes proposed for 2016

USPS has proposed price changes for Shipping Services products.

USPS has filed notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) of proposed price changes for its Shipping Services products. The changes are scheduled to take effect in January, following the conclusion of the holiday season.

The Oct. 16 filing doesn’t include price increases for First-Class Mail or any other mailing products, such as stamps.

“The Postal Service continues to provide excellent value and reliability for the shipping industry along with convenient choices for consumers,” USPS said in a statement.

The average Shipping Services price change is 9.5 percent, which results in an average shipping price of less than $5.50 per shipment across all shipping products.

The new prices, if approved, represent the first price increase in more than three years for commercial Priority Mail.

The average price increase for Priority Mail is 9.8 percent. When calculated over the three-year period since the last increase, the overall Priority Mail price change averages less than 3.3 percent per year.

The PRC will review the prices before they are scheduled to take effect Jan. 17.

The filing, including the new prices for all Shipping Services products, is available on the PRC’s site under the daily listings section.

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