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School girls’ letter prompts White House invite

Noa Oranim reads a classmate’s letter to President Obama. Photo: KABC

When California sisters Noa and Neta Oranim sent a letter to President Obama describing how they’d improve life in the United States, they were hoping to receive a written response.

Instead, Obama invited the girls to visit him last week at the White House.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Noa told local TV station KABC.

During their visit, Noa and Neta — who are ages 8 and 6, respectively — discussed their interest in preserving wildlife. They also presented Obama with more than 100 letters from their classmates.

The students were “so excited to be able to write a letter,” said Elisa Rose, their school principal.

Earlier this year, the White House introduced a site to highlight handwritten letters to the president and offer instructions on submitting correspondence.

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