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Investing in the future

PMG Megan Brennan outlines vision

PMG Megan Brennan
PMG Megan Brennan

The Postal Service will invest in its future by creating opportunities for long-term growth, strengthening employee training and making needed infrastructure improvements, PMG Megan Brennan said today.

“We can reinvigorate the way we serve our customers and the public by constantly looking forward as an organization, anticipating the changing needs of our customers, and adapting as quickly as we can to a competitive and evolving marketplace,” Brennan wrote in a letter to employees.

Brennan, who became the 74th Postmaster General and CEO Feb. 1, said USPS will:

  • Invest in the future, including strengthening employee training and making needed infrastructure improvements.
  • Speed the pace of innovation by developing new products and services.
  • Empower employees, giving them more flexibility to better serve customers.
  • Build an efficient network, including continuing to streamline the Postal Service’s operational footprint.

Brennan, who joined USPS as a letter carrier in 1986, is the first woman to serve as PMG. She has always drawn inspiration from the dedication of her fellow postal employees, she wrote.

“Your commitment to our public service mission and to delivering for our customers defines who we are as an organization and is the bedrock of all of our successes.”

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