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Connected consumers

Savvy shoppers keeping shippers on their toes

Online shoppers are fueling major growth in the package delivery sector, a new study finds.

The Postal Service isn’t the only shipper changing with the times.

Package delivery organizations across the world also are trying new approaches, aiming to keep up with digitally savvy consumers, new research finds.

The study, which consulting firm Accenture conducted, predicts parcel delivery will grow 9 percent annually and become a $343 billion industry globally by 2020.

The growth is being fueled by “connected consumers” who want greater convenience and a seamless experience when buying, receiving and returning products.

“Understanding customer needs and creating solutions aimed at improving their delivery experience is an important aspect of gaining market share,” said Brody Buhler, who leads Accenture’s post and parcel practice.

USPS is testing several concepts to meet customers’ changing needs, including same-day and grocery deliveries. The organization also is investing in new vehicles and equipment, such as its Small Parcel Sorting System.

Other delivery services are making big investments too.

DHL is building Germany’s largest parcel processing plant, while Australia Post is doubling capacity at its major facilities in Sydney and Melbourne.

“Successful companies and postal organizations harness the power of today’s consumer to remain relevant while capturing increased market share,” Buhler said.

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