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Driving the message

USPS promotes green initiatives at high-profile events

Chief Sustainability Officer Tom Day discussed plans to invest in more fuel-efficient postal vehicles at a recent NASCAR event.

USPS showcased its commitment to fostering sustainability at two recent events that reflect the widespread appeal of environmental protection.

Chief Sustainability Officer Tom Day discussed the Postal Service’s efforts during a panel discussion organized through NASCAR Green, an initiative to reduce the environmental effects of auto racing.

Day cited the Postal Service’s progress reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, as well as the organization’s plans to invest in more fuel-efficient delivery vehicles.

Other topics included the National Recycling Operation, which uses postal vehicles to transport waste paper and similar materials to USPS hubs for consolidation and recycling.

Energy Initiatives Manager Carolyn Cole also promoted the Postal Service’s sustainability efforts when she attended the introduction of Climate Neutral Now, a United Nations program that encourages organizations and individuals to reduce their emissions.

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