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Recycling rollout

USPS plants receiving equipment to promote sustainability

USPS is recycling more paper and other materials similar to those shown here.

The Postal Service is installing new recycling equipment at more than 200 plants across the nation, part of an ambitious program that could generate as much as $133 million in combined savings and revenue.

The equipment is part of the National Recycling Operation, which began last year. Through the program, postal vehicles transport waste paper and similar materials to USPS hubs for consolidation and recycling.

“This is a great opportunity,” said Chief Sustainability Officer Tom Day. “We are continuing to look for innovative and impactful ways to protect the environment and generate revenue for our organization, and the National Recycling Operation is one of them.”

The Greenville, SC, P&DC is one of the first facilities to receive the new equipment, including a dumper that will be used to recycle discarded mail and other waste paper from nearby retail lobbies.

Employees also are being trained to use the equipment.

“This is a good way to safeguard the environment while generating new business for the Postal Service,” said Greenville Sr. Plant Manager Frank Veal. “We’re excited to be part of the program.”

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