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Satisfied customers

Poll ranks mail delivery as top government service

Public ranks mail delivery
The public ranks mail delivery as the government’s top service in a new Gallup poll.

The public is overwhelmingly satisfied with mail delivery, ranking it higher than any other government service, according to a new Gallup poll.

Of 20 services included in the survey, mail delivery ranked first with 90 percent of the public satisfied. Satisfaction with national parks ranked second (73 percent), followed by the federal response to natural disasters (71 percent).

Sixteen percent of respondents are satisfied with federal efforts on poverty, which ranked last on the list.

“Americans’ extremely positive view of the Postal Service and mail delivery may be a result of interacting with the USPS nearly every day,” Gallup reported.

The Postal Service is exploring new approaches to meet customers’ delivery needs, including testing same-day and Sunday package delivery services.

Gallup’s results, published May 6, align with a poll last fall that ranked the Postal Service first among government agencies in the public’s esteem.

USPS also tied with the National Parks Service for first place in Forrester Research’s recent rating of agencies’ customer service.

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