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Mission: Possible

Meeting held to discuss future of delivery

Rockville, MD, Letter Carrier Edward Knott delivers a package.
Rockville, MD, Letter Carrier Edward Knott delivers a package.

The Postal Service must continue seeking innovative approaches to delivery, USPS leaders told Operations employees last week.

“We are a delivery organization,” said Chief Operating Officer David Williams. “The mail mix is changing, but our commitment to our customers hasn’t changed. To keep their business, we must provide them with excellent experiences.”

Williams spoke at a postal delivery symposium in Chicago, the second of three such strategy sessions being held across the nation this spring. More than 200 employees attended the event, which carried the theme “Mission: Possible.”

The meetings are part of the Postal Service’s broader focus on investing in the future.

At each symposium, participants receive updates on new delivery initiatives, including the ongoing deployment of Mobile Delivery Devices and planned upgrades to the USPS fleet.

Attendees are also exchanging ideas about lean mail delivery, daily management best practices, leadership development, strengthening employee retention and other topics.

“Our employees have a wealth of knowledge and we’ve received a lot of good ideas that we look forward to implementing,” said Delivery Operations VP Ed Phelan.

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