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Clue: This naturalized U.S. citizen will be honored with a stamp

Correct response: Who is Alex Trebek?

A stamp sheet that shows a smiling Alex Trebek and 20 stamps
The Alex Trebek pane will feature a grid of 20 identical stamps that resemble the array of video monitors that form the “Jeopardy!” game board.

The Postal Service will release a Forever stamp honoring beloved former “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek on Monday, July 22.

Ken Jennings, the quiz show’s current host, announced the stamp on the June 21 episode. To find local broadcast times, check the “Jeopardy!” website.

The stamp’s release is concurrent with the show’s 60th anniversary this year. Presales for the stamp began June 21 at

Trebek (1940-2020) became a respected presence in millions of homes as the longtime host of “Jeopardy!”

The grid of 20 identical stamps resembles the array of video monitors that form the “Jeopardy!” game board.

On the stamp is written the prompt, “THIS NATURALIZED U.S. CITIZEN HOSTED THE QUIZ SHOW ‘JEOPARDY!’ FOR 37 SEASONS” and underneath, upside down, is the correct response: “Who is Alex Trebek?”

On the stamp pane, category headers appear at the top of each column of stamps, and to the left is a photograph of Trebek with a portion of the “Jeopardy!” set behind him.

Antonio Alcalá, an art director for USPS, designed the stamps using photography provided by Sony Pictures Entertainment and hand lettering by Marti Davila.

The stamp will be dedicated July 22 during a ceremony at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, CA.