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Both took an oath

A father swears in his son, a Post Office celebrates a jubilee and a retiree preserves a memory

James Chambers, left, swears in his son, Quaid Chambers, as a fellow postmaster.
James Chambers, left, swears in his son, Quaid Chambers, as a fellow postmaster.

James Chambers, the Fort Myers, FL, postmaster, recently swore in son Quaid Chambers as the Dumas, TX, postmaster.

“Being able to administer the oath to my son was a very special time for me. I am very proud both as a postmaster and a father,” the elder Chambers said.

The younger Chambers began his postal career as a seasonal employee in Hammond, LA, in 2018. As postmaster, he manages 17 employees who serve about 14,200 residents.

“Being able to stand in front of my father while he administered the oath of office will forever be a cherished memory of mine,” he said. “I was able to show him that everything he and my mother taught me helped me to shape my future the way I wanted.”

Diamond jubilee

The Norris, TN, Post Office recently offered special pictorial postmark to help celebrate the city’s 75th anniversary.

The Tennessee Valley Authority built the community in the eastern part of the state, near the Norris Dam. It has about 1,600 residents today.

“My grandparents used to bring me to the Norris Dam for picnics when I was a kid, which is why this area has always held special memories,” said local Postmaster Cammie York. “I feel as if I’m part of the community, which is icing on the cake.”

Preserving a memory

Gunn Lee, a retired letter carrier, recently made a special delivery to the local historical society in Longport, NJ: a painting he created of the town’s former Post Office.

The painting shows a former co-worker, on his last day on the job, lowering the U.S. flag in front of the building, which has since been demolished.

“That so impressed Mr. Lee that he made that the subject of his painting,” Jeff Fusco, another of Lee’s former co-workers, told Downbeach, a local news website.

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