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Here’s what Link covered March 3-9

Labor talks, consumer protection and virtual job fairs made news

A USPS delivery vehicle is parked on the shoulder of road.
USPS and the National Association of Letter Carriers are negotiating a new labor contract.

Last week, the Postal Service and the National Association of Letter Carriers announced they are continuing to negotiate to reach a new labor contract but are also moving forward with preparations for a potential interest arbitration.

It was also National Consumer Protection Week, which the Postal Inspection Service observed by focusing on investment scams. To help spread the word, the USPS podcast, “Mailin’ It!,” released an episode featuring Eric Shen, a postal inspector.

Link also covered the USPS Sustainability Symposium, warned you about smishing and vishing scams, and told you about this year’s virtual job fairs for supervisory positions.

Additionally, we went “On the Job” with Kevin Terry, a Shreveport, LA, delivery support specialist who discussed how he enjoys mentoring others and helping them with their professional development, and “Off the Clock” with Cesar Guerrero, a Postal Police officer who enjoys golfing in his free time.

“I love helping others with their careers because, as a former rural carrier associate, I know how important it is to have a path to advancement,” Terry said. “When I became a career employee, I immediately began applying for customer services supervisor positions because I wanted to make positive changes for my peers and help improve our organization.”

From our vantage point, he’s succeeding.