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Back in the saddle

A postmaster welcomes the Pony Express, a carrier receives a social media salute and more news

A group of horseback riders re-create the Pony Express route
Hashknife Pony Express riders arrive in downtown Scottsdale, AZ, last month.

More than two dozen horseback riders recently carried 20,000 letters across 200 miles in Arizona during the Hashknife Pony Express.

The annual ride is in its 66th year of relaying mail in sacks along a route from Holbrook to Scottsdale.

During the journey, riders wear authentic Western gear to re-create the Pony Express, the storied 1860-1861 delivery service that allowed mail to move by horseback between California and Missouri.

Phil Millican, the Scottsdale, AZ, acting postmaster, helped welcome the Hashknife riders to town in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

At the conclusion of the welcome ceremony, Millican collected the mailbags from the riders.

“This tradition celebrates the need and sacred responsibility of letter carriers to deliver the mail, whether it’s in the past or modern times,” Millican said.

Shine on

Cecilia Bowen, a Lancaster, OH, letter carrier, received lots of social media love when a local civic group featured her on its Facebook page last month.

Destination Downtown Lancaster, which promotes the revitalization of the city in south-central Ohio, featured a photo of Bowen, along with a message offering a shoutout to local postal workers.

“Let’s give them the recognition they deserve,” the message read. “Rain or shine, thank you for delivering our mail!”

Bowen said she appreciated the praise, noting that because she delivers to the Destination Downtown Lancaster office, she’s often one of the first to know about upcoming events in the community.

Her favorite: an annual art walk she never misses that occurs around her birthday.

“I love working downtown and being part of everything. I feel like I’m part of the community there,” she said.

Fast 50

Ed Gernert, a Phoenix business mail technician, recently marked 50 years with USPS.

Gernert joined the organization as a casual employee in 1973, then spent several years operating letter sorting machines. Since 1992, he has worked in a business mail entry unit.

“Fifty years has gone by pretty quickly. It’s amazing,” Gernert said at a celebration to mark his milestone.

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