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New leadership courses are available for USPS employees

The virtual training includes instructor-led and self-paced classes

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The new courses include instructor-led, moderated and self-paced training.

The Postal Service is offering virtual courses for Executive and Administrative Schedule (EAS) employees through the Center for Creative Leadership, a provider of leadership development and research.

The four courses, which are designed to elevate front-line leadership capabilities, offer a mix of instructor-led, moderated and self-paced training. The courses are:

• Frontline Leader Impact, available for EAS-18 to EAS-21 employees;

• Better Conversations Every Day, for EAS-18 to EAS-23 employees;

• Lead 4 Success, for EAS-22 to EAS-26 employees; and

• Creating Leadership, for EAS-23 employees to pay band managers.

Employees interested in taking any of these classes should speak with their manager, who must approve participation. Openings are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Applications must be submitted no later than Saturday, Feb. 24.

For more information, employees should contact their local employee development team or  email the National Leadership Training Programs team.