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Right place, right time

This letter carrier prevented a customer with dementia from getting lost

A smiling man in a postal uniform stands near a USPS delivery truck
San Juan, PR, Letter Carrier Enddel Villafañe

Letter Carrier Enddel Villafañe was delivering mail in San Juan, PR, recently when he noticed an older customer leave her house and head toward a nearby school.

Villafañe sensed something was off, so he caught up with her not far from the school’s gate.

The woman was confused and insisted she lived in another town. The letter carrier asked a neighbor of hers to stay with her while he contacted local authorities for help.

They were able to get in touch with the woman’s daughter, who came and retrieved her.

It turned out the customer had senile dementia and Villafañe’s quick thinking prevented her from getting lost.

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