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Got questions about marks? This employee has answers

A Connecticut technician teaches collectors about cancellations and a Florida carrier reaches a milestone

A man in a work shirt speaks to a group of people near machinery in a postal workroom
John Aberg, a USPS electronic technician, shows postage cancellation equipment at the Hartford, CT, Processing and Distribution Center.

You know about stamp collectors, but did you know postmarks have their fans, too?

A local chapter of the Post Mark Collectors Club recently toured the Hartford, CT, Processing and Distribution Center, where John Aberg, a USPS electronic technician, gave them a firsthand look at a machine that cancels postage.

Aberg showed the group the Advanced Facer Canceler System and explained how it arranges letters so they are oriented correctly before they reach the cancellation stage.

He also showed them how the ink jet printer applies an image to envelopes.

“It was a pleasure to demonstrate to these serious collectors some aspects of the sophisticated machines we use at the plant today,” Aberg said.

Kelvin Kindahl, a club member, said seeing the Advanced Facer Canceler System was a highlight of the tour.

“Since we are postmark collectors, that was probably the single most interesting thing in the building for us,” he said.

Coats devotes all

Linda Coats, a Miami letter carrier, recently marked 50 years with USPS.

Coats joined the organization in 1973, becoming the second female letter carrier at South Miami Branch. Since 1990, she has been based at Sunset Branch.

“My family and the Postal Service are my life,” she told co-workers at a celebration of her career milestone.

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