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Rising from the ashes

A carrier alerted a sleeping customer to a house fire

Smiling postal worker gives two thumbs up while standing in work room
Monterey Park, CA, Letter Carrier Bryan Cocadiz

Letter Carrier Bryan Cocadiz was delivering mail recently in Monterey Park, CA, when he spotted flames coming from a home.

Cocadiz banged on the door and yelled to alert anyone inside. He called 911 and retreated a safe distance as he watched the blaze intensify.

The Postal Service employee waited for firefighters to arrive. As he was talking to them, a man covered in soot burst out of the home’s garage.

The man said he woke up from the carrier banging on the door. He was treated for minor burns to his arms and smoke inhalation, and is expected to fully recover.

The local fire department later honored Cocadiz at a ceremony.