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USPS wants everyone to know its policy regarding firearms on postal property

Employee safety is a top priority for the organization

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USPS wants all employees to know its longstanding policy regarding firearms on postal property.

Employee safety is a top priority for the Postal Service, which is why the organization wants to ensure everyone is aware of its longstanding policy on firearms on postal property.

A recent Florida district court decision is being misreported or may be misinterpreted as holding that the Postal Service’s ban on carrying firearms — either openly or concealed, or storing them on USPS property — is unconstitutional.

In fact, the case dealt with a different federal statute and does not involve the Postal Service’s regulation. Therefore, it does not change the organization’s policy.

Employees are reminded that carrying or storing firearms, other dangerous or deadly weapons, or explosives — either openly or concealed — on USPS property is prohibited and can result in discipline up to and including removal from the Postal Service, as well as potential prosecution.

This prohibition includes storing firearms in vehicles that are parked on postal property.