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Leaf danger

Tips to avoid driving accidents

Driving on leaf-covered roads can be as dangerous as driving on a sheet of ice.

The Postal Service wants employees to be aware of fall driving hazards.

Leaves can pose a risk when wet, becoming a potential cause of driving and walking accidents.

Falling leaves can also cause visibility problems. Lane lines and other road markings can be concealed and road hazards such as potholes can be camouflaged.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Driving on a layer of wet leaves can be much like driving on a sheet of ice. Maintain a safe speed for road conditions. Avoid making sudden stops, starts or directional changes on wet, leaf-covered roads.

In windy conditions, slow down and stay alert. Wind-driven leaves often obscure vision. If visibility is severely diminished by blowing leaves, slow down or choose a safe spot to stop until visibility improves.

Traction depends upon the contact that the tire has with the ground. Employees should check their tires to ensure good tread depth and proper inflation.

Videos on driving and other safety issues are available on Blue.