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Show of support

CA employees acted fast to help HI colleagues

Chico, CA, Post Office employees sent a banner with messages of support — along with uniforms, shoes, satchels and other items — to the Lahaina, HI, Post Office employees after wildfires devastated their community.

When wildfires destroyed much of Lahaina, HI, during the summer, the news was particularly poignant for employees at the Chico, CA, Post Office who experienced a similar disaster.

The Camp Fire in November 2018 affected thousands in the Chico area and devastated the nearby town of Paradise.

Customers in areas where disasters have struck rely on the Postal Service for important correspondence, packages and other services, which help to restore a sense of normality.

The Chico team knew from their own experience that swift support was essential to help the employees in Lahaina help their own community.

“Even just coming to work some days can become a struggle as you face all the changes in front of you,” said Chico Postmaster Kathleen Munhollon.

Chico employees, along with colleagues from other locations, collected uniforms, water, satchels, shoes and other items to send to the Lahaina Post Office in the days following the wildfires.

They also wrote messages of support on a banner.

Aiding their Lahaina colleagues has been part of the healing process the Chico team began five years ago, Munhollon said:

“We get to pay back the support we received from so many during our time of loss.”