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Right time

Summersville, WV, Letter Carrier Clifford Bennett

Letter Carrier Clifford Bennett was delivering mail in Summersville, WV, recently when he spotted an older customer lying on her porch.

Bennett suspected the woman was having a seizure and called 911.

The Postal Service employee placed the woman on her side as he waited for emergency responders. He also called Summersville Customer Services Supervisor Roberta Moore and asked her to notify the woman’s son, who works near the Post Office.

The son arrived in time to comfort his mother before she was taken by ambulance for medical treatment.

Bennett later learned the woman had experienced a stroke. She was released from the hospital and continues to recover at home.

“The customer’s family has been in contact and stated that if this carrier had not shown up and helped when he did that the outcome would have been unthinkable,” Moore said.

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