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VP appointments

Three executives named to new roles

Dane A. Coleman, processing and maintenance operations vice president; Todd S. Hawkins, Eastern Region vice president of processing operations; and John J. DiPeri, Western Region acting vice president of processing operations.

Dane A. Coleman was named processing and maintenance operations vice president, effective Oct. 1.

He will oversee operating plan improvements and processing and maintenance capability for facilities across the nation. He will also be responsible for strategic planning.

Coleman previously served as Eastern Region vice president, where he oversaw daily operations across seven divisions.

Coleman replaces Mike L. Barber, who retired Oct. 1.

Two other leadership changes in processing and maintenance operations have also been announced.

Todd S. Hawkins will move from Western Region vice president to the same role for Eastern Region.

John J. DiPeri, Pacific Northwest Division’s senior director of processing, will serve as acting vice president of processing operations for Western Region.

To aid the transition, Westshores and Lakeshores divisions will now report to Eastern Region, and Southwest Division will be part of Western Region.