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USPS character gets his own book

“Mr. ZIP’s Windy Day” is the first USPS-licensed book for children.

The Postal Service’s first licensed children’s book will be released on Oct. 24.

“Mr. ZIP’s Windy Day” is based on the cartoon character adopted by USPS in 1963 to promote the introduction of the Zone Improvement Plan (ZIP) Code.

The book follows Mr. ZIP and his pal B. Franklin, an eagle named for the first postmaster general, Benjamin Franklin, as they make deliveries and face weather challenges.

“USPS Licensing has updated Mr. ZIP for his 60th anniversary. We’re repositioning him for younger generations by giving him new adventures, missions and new friends like B. Franklin,” said Amity Kirby, the organization’s licensing manager.

Additional Mr. ZIP books are planned.

“Mr. ZIP’s Windy Day” was written by bestselling author Annie Auerbach and illustrated by Laura Catrinella.

The book sells for $10.99 and can be preordered from Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Walmart.

Mr. ZIP also graces a new line of phone cases, watchbands and earbud case covers.

The licensed products range from $24.99 to $29.95 and are available on the Affinity Bands website.