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Heroic two-fer

De Pere, WI, City Carrier Assistant Ron Reeb

City Carrier Assistant Ron Reeb delivered a double dose of do-good for customers in De Pere, WI, in recent months.

In the first incident, the Postal Service employee was making deliveries when he came upon a wallet.

Reeb consulted with his office and was granted permission to return the wallet to the woman on the driver’s license within it.

The customer, Stephanie Donohue, sang Reeb’s praises to a local news website.

“They are just such an amazing soul and amazing person to be able to find a wallet with a decent amount of money in it and return it to the rightful owner,” Donohue told “I feel like you do not see that too much nowadays.”

Several weeks later, Reeb was on a walking route when he noticed water running into a customer’s basement from a leaking sprinkler system.

He shut off the main water valve in front of the house and left a note for the customer, who thanked Reeb the next day for his quick thinking.

“We just call Ron ‘hero’ around here,” said De Pere Postmaster Julie Ocepek.

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