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Mother’s intuition

Washington, DC, Internal Communications Specialist Katie Howard

Internal Communications Specialist Kathleen “Katie” Howard was driving through her Chevy Chase, MD, neighborhood on a steamy summer weekend afternoon when she noticed a woman who looked distressed.

The Postal Service employee stopped, approached the woman and asked if she needed assistance.

The woman pointed to her 2-year-old daughter, whom she had accidentally locked inside the car, along with the keys.

Howard called 911 and waited with the woman, consoling her.

After emergency responders arrived and opened the vehicle, the mother jumped inside and pulled the little girl into her arms, then embraced Howard.

Medical professionals assessed the child at the scene and cleared her to attend a birthday party being held at the home where the vehicle was parked.

“As a mother myself, I knew something was wrong as soon as I saw the panic in the woman’s eyes,” Howard said. “I hope I showed my own daughters to be observant, and if an opportunity presents itself to help someone, then you should.”

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