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Winter wonderlands

USPS celebrates Snow Globes stamps

Matt Dayton, from left, a Nordic combined skier who competed in the 2002 Winter Olympics; Gregory Manchess, the Snow Globes stamps’ artist; Eric Mamula, Breckenridge mayor; Sheila Holman, USPS marketing vice president; Harry Rinker, who wrote a book about snow globes; and Scott Reid, Breckenridge deputy town manager.

The Postal Service dedicated its Snow Globes stamps on at the Stephen C. West Ice Arena in Breckenridge, CO, on Sept. 19.

The collection of four stamps captures the whimsical nature of snow globes.

“You can see why people find them so engaging,” said Sheila Holman, the Postal Service’s marketing vice president, who spoke at the ceremony. “Snow globes are wonder-full.”

In one of the stamps, Santa Claus prepares to climb down a chimney. In another, a snowman wearing a jaunty red-and-white scarf seems to wave. In the third stamp, a reindeer pauses in a snowy forest. And in the fourth stamp, a snow-covered tree decorated with colorful ornaments showcases the festive nature of the winter holiday season.

In each, white flakes drift beneath a dome of glass.

Joining Holman at the ceremony were Gregory Manchess, stamp artist; Eric Mamula, mayor of Breckenridge; Scott Reid, deputy town manager; Jonathan Oetken, winter sports host and master of ceremonies for the event; Matt Dayton, Nordic combined skier who competed in the 2002 Winter Olympics; and Harry Rinker, author of a book about snow globes.

Derry Noyes, an art director for USPS, designed the Snow Globes stamps with original art by Manchess.

The Forever stamps are available in booklets of 20 at Post Offices and