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Engendering improvement

Inspection Service signs equity pledge

The Postal Inspection Service is participating in a nationwide initiative to increase the number of women in police recruitment classes.

The Postal Inspection Service has signed on to the 30×30 Initiative, a nationwide effort to advance gender equity in law enforcement.

The initiative aims to increase the number of women in police recruitment classes to 30 percent by 2030. Currently, women represent only 12 percent of sworn officers and 3 percent of police leadership nationwide.

Chief Inspector Gary Barksdale said this effort is in keeping with the history of the agency, which was one of the first federal law enforcement entities to hire female agents.

“This pledge continues in that spirit and affirms that the Postal Inspection Service is actively working toward improving the representation and experiences of women,” he said.

The initiative is based on social science research that suggests greater representation of women on police forces leads to better policing outcomes for communities.

“We are grateful to the Postal Inspection Service for being one of the first in the nation to commit to being a part of this growing movement,” said Maureen McGough, co-founder of the 30×30 Initiative and chief of staff for New York University’s Policing Project.

“We look forward to having more agencies follow the Postal Inspection Service’s lead.”

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