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Sibling revelry

Brother, sister celebrate postal success

Angelica Gonzalez and her brother, David, embrace after taking the oath together as new postmasters in Maryland.

Angelica and David Gonzalez share a bond as siblings and newly appointed postmasters.

They were recently sworn in by Dr. Joshua Colin, the Postal Service’s chief retail and delivery officer, at a meeting in Potomac, MD.

Taking the oath together was a surprise for both.

“I thought we were just there for a midyear review. I didn’t know that was going to happen,” David said.

Angelica is the Annapolis, MD, postmaster, while David holds the position in Sykesville, MD, about 50 miles north.

David joined USPS first, beginning his career in 2002 after graduating high school. He worked as a letter carrier, then moved into supervisory roles at Post Offices throughout Maryland.

Angelica, who previously trained horses on her farm outside Baltimore, began her postal career later. She started as a rural carrier associate before becoming a supervisor.

The siblings say they share a similar work ethic, management style and sense of postal pride.

“I have an open-door policy, and I walk the floor to say good morning to every employee,” Angelica said.

Said David: “I’m happy every morning when I get up and go to work. It feels like home.”

Indeed, there’s no sibling rivalry here.

Angelica said she and her brother “call each other all the time to discuss work,” while David predicts there will be lots of peak season talk around the Gonzalez family’s Thanksgiving dinner table this year.

They also take pride in each other’s accomplishments.

Angelica beams when talking about a recent newspaper profile of David.

“That was an awesome thing for him,” she said.

But few things can beat the sense of achievement both felt when they took the oath alongside each other.

“It was everything to me,” Angelica said. “I looked over at him and thought, ‘We made it. We will make a difference together.’”