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A honking miracle

Fremont, CA, Letter Carrier Lakhwinder Gill

Letter Carrier Lakhwinder Gill was delivering on his route in Fremont, CA, when he went to investigate the source of a continuously honking car.

The postal employee discovered an ailing customer slumped over her vehicle’s steering wheel.

Gill helped the woman out of the car and into her home.

The concerned letter carrier later stopped to check on her. She was not better — in fact, she was worse — and he informed the leasing office at the building where she lived of her serious condition. Then he called 911.

The customer was hospitalized for six days suffering from congestive heart failure.

The woman’s doctors informed her that the carrier’s actions saved her life, and she wrote to the postmaster general to praise Gill for his kind actions.

“I am alive and well today because my mailman cared,” the customer wrote.


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