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Adapt and grow

Strako touts USPS in trade website article

USPS Chief Commerce and Business Solutions Officer Jacqueline Krage Strako was featured on the Parcel Monitor website, where she talked about the Postal Service’s innovations in logistics.

Jacqueline Krage Strako, the Postal Service’s chief commerce and business solutions officer, discusses innovation in logistics with Parcel Monitor, an e-commerce logistics industry website.

USPS is making investments in its package sortation and information technology infrastructure to meet skyrocketing e-commerce demands, Strako told the site.

Two related trends include a rise in social media e-commerce — with influencers offering products directly through their own social media accounts — and direct-to-consumer fulfillment, with companies creating their own e-commerce channels to sell directly to consumers.

Strako stressed the importance USPS places on developing products and services to grow its shipping business. A big part of that is responding to customer needs.

Customers seek convenient and secure delivery options, and visibility from purchase to confirmed delivery is crucial, she said.

“Using USPS Connect Regional, shippers can reach customers next day for over 80 percent of the population by dropping in our regional facilities,” Strako told Link. “Our USPS Ground Advantage product — which is planned to launch in July — will provide an affordable, reliable nationwide solution with a 2-to-5-day reach in the contiguous United States.”