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Call of the wild

Milton-Freewater, OR, Rural Carrier Associate Michelle Walker

In her first month on the job, Rural Carrier Associate Michelle Walker was delivering in a remote area on her route in Milton-Freewater, OR, when she heard a faint cry for help.

At first, the postal employee couldn’t pinpoint where it was coming from. When the cry was repeated, she was able to follow it and found an older woman on the ground.

The customer had fallen and couldn’t get back up. It was brisk and stormy, and Walker helped get her up and into her home.

Once there, they contacted a family member who called for an ambulance. Walker stayed with the customer until the emergency team arrived.

The customer expressed her gratitude to Walker on a follow-up visit to her home, saying she was glad to know who assisted her that day, as she was confused and wasn’t sure.

The customer has since obtained a Life Alert necklace.

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