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Reasonable accommodations

All requests must be recorded

An employee asking for a stand-up desk is an example of a reasonable accommodation request.

The Postal Service wants supervisors and managers to remember that every request for reasonable accommodation, no matter how minimal, must be recorded.

The forms Confirmation of Request for Reasonable Accommodation and the Reasonable Accommodation Decision Guide should be filled out and the information entered in the Reasonable Accommodation Data Activity Recording system, or RADAR.

When a request is received, supervisors and managers should implement an accommodation as soon as reasonably possible when the need is clear, the request is simple, and no extenuating circumstances exist.

More complex requests should be referred to the appropriate district or area Reasonable Accommodation Committee.

Supervisors and managers can access RADAR via HR Management Information, Statistics and Analytics (eHRMISA). Access to that system can be requested in eAccess if needed.

More information can be found on the Reasonable Accommodation page on Blue, and information on recordkeeping requirements can be found in an information bulletin recently sent to managers and supervisors.