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Cold call

Warrensburg, NY, Retail Associate Erin Dunkley

Retail Associate Erin Dunkley observed a young woman filling out a change-of-address form in the lobby of the Warrensburg, NY, Post Office and grew concerned.

The customer brought several bags in with her, and her hands were extremely red, clearly affected by the bitter cold the area was experiencing.

Dunkley asked if she had a place to stay. The customer said no.

Temperatures were expected to drop to 25 below zero that night. Dunkley called her postmaster for guidance and was advised to call 911.

Officers arrived and took the customer to a shelter for the night.

Dunkley later reached out to the postmaster in the town the customer said she was from and discovered that her mother had been looking for her for days.

The customer was reunited with her family.

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