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Postal Pulse

USPS wants employees’ feedback

The Postal Pulse survey allows employees to share observations about their work environments.

The next Postal Pulse employee survey will take place from April 25 through May 26.

The annual survey allows employees to share observations about their work environments, providing the organization with valuable feedback to make improvements.

Here’s what employees should know about this year’s survey:

• Beginning April 25, nonbargaining employees will receive an email from Gallup that will contain a link to a survey website.

• Bargaining-unit employees will receive the paper survey at work and in early May, at home.

If they choose to complete the survey received at home, they are encouraged to bring it to work and receive time to complete it on the clock. Bargaining-unit employees with a USPS email address will also receive the survey via email.

The results of this survey will provide feedback to postal leaders on how they can better support and engage with employees.

If you have questions about the survey, the Employee Engagement LiteBlue page has more information.

Share your feedback at Your comments could be included in the “Mailbag” column.