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Two years in

Postcard gives 10-year plan update

The sixth Delivering for America postcard touts the organization’s progress after two years of the plan.

The Postal Service recently mailed employees a postcard to update them on the Delivering for America plan, the first of several progress reports that USPS will provide its workforce this spring.

The card highlights some of the organization’s accomplishments during the past two years, which include converting more than 125,000 employees to career status, passage of the Postal Service Reform Act, increased package handling capacity and a commitment to acquiring 106,000 new vehicles.

A QR code on the postcard directs employees to a quiz on the Delivering for America survey page. The quiz tests employees’ knowledge of the Postal Service’s 10-year plan to achieve financial stability and service excellence.

This is the sixth postcard in the series and the second of several to be mailed this year.