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Art of the Skateboard stamps released

Artist Di’Orr Greenwood signs an oversize image of her stamp, which she designed to represent her Navajo culture.

The Postal Service dedicated its Art of the Skateboard stamps on March 24 at the Desert West Skate Park in Phoenix.

The ceremony kicked off PHXAM 2023, an annual amateur skateboarding competition that draws participants from around the globe.

Skateboarding now attracts a greater cross section of people than ever before and became an Olympic sport in 2020.

“As an American institution older than our country itself, the Postal Service is always looking for ways to highlight and honor the stories and histories that are unique to the United States,” said William Zollars, a member of the USPS Board of Governors, who spoke at the ceremony.

The Art of the Skateboard stamps feature four designs created by skateboarders-turned-artists Crystal Worl, Di’Orr Greenwood, Federico “MasPaz” Frum and William James Taylor Jr.

Worl’s deck has a blue and indigo salmon design expressing her Tlingit/Athabascan heritage. Greenwood’s design displays eagle feathers and the colors of the rising or setting sun and represents her Navajo culture.

Frum created a jaguar design connected to his Colombian ancestors. A striking red and orange graphic abstraction by Taylor, a Virginia artist, energizes the final skateboard.

The Forever stamps are available at Post Offices and