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Rising to the top

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Do you know which USPS executives are moving up in the organization?

Here’s a look at Postal Service employees who received appointments or recognition recently:

Maria R. Diggs-Jones was named Kansas City, MO, postmaster. She previously served as Wisconsin District’s human resources manager.

Traci G. Gann was named the Postal Service’s chief counsel for Occupational Safety and Health Administration matters. She previously served as a deputy managing counsel.

Gentry I. Grandberg was named the Kansas City, KS, Network Distribution Center’s plant manager. He previously served as the Kansas City, MO, Processing and Distribution Center’s distribution operations senior manager.

Leslie D. Lissimore, asset management and accountability executive manager, received a Chief FOIA Officer’s Award for her efforts to help the Postal Service respond to Freedom of Information Act requests.

Amanda D. Morrell, Southern Area’s operations support manager, was named the St. Louis Post Office’s officer in charge.

Daniel M. Reyes III was named the Dallas postmaster. He previously served as postmaster in Oklahoma City, a position now held by Marcia J. Titus, who previously served as the Corpus Christi, TX, postmaster.

Elaine Rogers was named first opportunity risk evaluation chief counsel. She previously served as an attorney in the Postal Service’s equal employment opportunity litigation strategy office.

James A. Tate III was named the Memphis, TN, postmaster. He previously served as the Baton Rouge, LA, postmaster.

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