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That’s a scam, ma’am

Dandridge, TN, Retail Associate Katrenia Foster

Retail Associate Katrenia Foster was recently on duty in Dandridge, TN, when she grew concerned about an older customer seeking to send a $5,000 check via Priority Mail Express, with a signature waiver, to someone in Texas.

The woman said the Texan told her the funds were required to secure sweepstakes winnings, and she insisted on completing the transaction despite Foster advising her otherwise.

The Postal Service employee alerted Postmaster Jeff Gambrell, to whom the customer repeated the story before pointing to her pocket and whispering that the Texan was on the line.

Gambrell offered to speak with the Texan, asking what the woman won and why she had to send money.

The Texan responded that the money was needed to cover the cost of automobile parts the customer’s son had ordered, at which point she realized she was being victimized and ended the transaction without sending the check.

“Due to Katrenia’s actions and her willingness to go above and beyond for our customers, she prevented someone from being scammed,” Gambrell said later.

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