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Two darn hot

Washington, DC, postal inspectors Brendan Soennecken, left, and Brendan Donahue

A railway supply chain summit had brought two Washington, DC-based postal inspectors — Brendan Donahue and Brendan Soennecken — to Fort Worth, TX, last summer, and their presence was fortuitous for a woman who experienced a medical emergency.

A scorching day had cooled little by the time of an evening reception the inspectors were approved to attend off duty, and it was there that the heat apparently caused the woman to pass out on a granite walkway.

Donahue and Soennecken sprang into action, asking a security guard to call 911 and rendering first aid.

Among the steps they took were applying a cool compress, monitoring her pulse and breathing, and using nearby furniture cushions to protect her head from the granite as she came to.

Paramedics soon arrived and took over.

Anthony Petitti, a USPS surface logistics planning specialist who was also in attendance, observed the incident, from which the victim recovered.

“These inspectors deserve to be recognized for their actions and their role in minimizing the young woman’s injuries,” he said later.

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