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Cargo hold

Carriers have new trouser option

The new USPS-approved cargo pants have a utility pocket on each leg, useful spots to carry scanners and other mobile devices.

New USPS-approved cargo-pocket pants are now available for purchase by city letter carriers.

In addition to the standard side seam pockets, the new trousers have a utility pocket lower down on each leg — a useful spot for scanners and other mobile devices.

The pants are offered in men’s and women’s styles and in summer and winter weights.

“I tried them on, and the scanner fit in the pocket perfectly,” said Linda Williams, uniform program coordinator at Postal Service headquarters in Washington, DC. “This is convenient because it allows carriers to slip the scanner in the pocket and keep on moving.”

The trousers can be purchased from all approved uniform program vendors.

That list can be found by searching “uniform program” on Blue and LiteBlue.

Supervisors and managers are responsible for monitoring the uniforms worn by staff to ensure that each employee is properly attired.

To establish an employee in the uniform allowance program, managers must complete the Uniform Allowance Request Interactive Worksheet located on the Human Resources Shared Service Center’s Uniform Program page. The worksheet can be accessed on Blue and submitted electronically to the HRSSC.

Installation heads should post a list of authorized uniform items for employees to review.

The Employee and Labor Relations Manual provides more detail on uniform requirements, and the Postal Uniform Guidelines booklet provides illustrations of how to wear uniforms correctly.