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Talks are important to safety program

The Postal Service uses stand-up talks as its main way to communicate a wide range of issues to employees.

The Postal Service is reminding employees of the importance of stand-up talks on safety matters.

Stand-up talks are the organization’s main communication method to inform employees on a wide range of issues. This information is valuable to everyone, regardless of their level or job title.

Managers, supervisors and installation heads must regularly deliver safety-oriented stand-up talks to employees and keep records to validate that the information was received.

These records should document the following:

• The date, time and unit where the stand-up talk was given;

• The name of the person who delivered the talk;

• The subject of the talk; and

• The names of the employees in attendance, using an annotated unit roster or other automated attendance document.

Employees who have questions or require special accommodations to participate in stand-up talks should speak to a manager or supervisor.