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Rules for the road

Don’t claim nonreimbursable travel expenses

If you are using your own vehicle for business travel, you can claim mileage but you can’t be reimbursed for buying fuel.

The Postal Service wants employees to remember the rules for submitting and approving eTravel expense reports.

Here are some general guidelines:

• If you add a meal transaction to an expense report, designate it as nonreimbursable by placing a check mark in the box titled “Personal.” If you purchased the meal on your employee travel card, make a personal payment to the card provider.

• Per diem expenses includes incidentals such as fees, laundry and dry-cleaning costs, and tips to waiters, bellhops and porters. Do not claim other incidental expenses.

• Employees using their privately owned vehicle for business travel may only claim mileage in their expense voucher. Don’t include gas claims for a privately owned vehicle in your expense voucher. This is against postal policy and will be denied by the eTravel approver. USPS does not reimburse employees for fuel purchases for their personal vehicles.

• The purchase of fuel on a government-issued travel card is allowed only when fueling a rental vehicle for official business.

Email questions regarding the eTravel system or travel policy to The Travel Blue page has additional information.