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‘Orchestrated’ players

Video shows making of latest TV ad

The Postal Service’s latest behind-the-scenes video shows viewers how the organization’s spring ad campaign was filmed.

The TV commercial, “Orchestrated Delivery,” began airing last week.

The seven postal employees in it represent a shift away from the focus on letter carriers in previous campaigns.

“This time around, we’re actually featuring a variety of employees because it’s taking all of our employees to experience the network changes,” says Sheila Holman, marketing vice president.

The commercial opens with the sound of engines starting and Port Washington, NY, Postmaster Dominic Wong conducting postal vehicles out of loading docks and setting the theme for the ad.

“This series of spots really features the changes happening to our network — perfectly orchestrated — to deliver more for you and to deliver more for America,” Holman says.

Royce Cleveland, a mail handler assistant in Eugene, OR, is shown singing “I like to move it, move it” over and over, a nod to the 1990s dance song that plays throughout the 30-second commercial.

“I had no idea what my lines would be. I just knew that I was happy to come and represent in a commercial for the United States Postal Service,” he says.