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By land, by sea

USPS celebrates school buses, sailboats

The Postal Service has released stamps that celebrate the school bus and sailboats.

The Postal Service recently released stamps showcasing school buses and sailboats.

The School Bus stamp honors the iconic bright yellow form of transportation for millions of students across the United States.

The brilliant color of school buses can be attributed to a group of state transportation officials and bus and paint manufacturers who met in 1939. They gathered at Columbia University’s Teachers College in New York to develop safety and fabrication standards for school buses.

After tests of various colors, it was determined that black lettering displaying school systems showed most legibly on a shade of yellow that’s come to be officially known as “National School Bus Chrome.”

Thirty-five states immediately mandated the color and by 1974, all states had adopted it.

Artist Steve Wolf worked with Greg Breeding, an art director for USPS, and designer Mike Ryan to create the additional-ounce stamp, which features the body of the bus in bright yellow with its tires, door, windows, bumpers and other details in black.

The Postal Service also recognizes a favorite outdoor activity with the release of two Sailboats postcard stamps.

Both stamps display boats cutting through the waves at full heel. The first depicts a single boat above royal blue water while a swell crashes against the prow. The second stamp features two boats racing under full sail.

Illustrator Libby VanderPloeg created the colorful, abstract images, while Antonio Alcalá served as art director.

Customers may purchase the School Bus and Sailboats releases in panes of 20 and coil formats.