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Relatively speaking

USPS follows anti-nepotism rules

Postal employees can’t take any actions to appoint, employ, promote or advance a relative.

The Postal Service would like to remind employees that federal anti-nepotism rules apply at USPS.

Employees are forbidden to directly or indirectly appoint, employ, promote or advance a relative. Advocating for such actions on behalf of a relative is also prohibited.

A spouse, parent, child, sibling, aunt, uncle, first cousin, niece, nephew, in-law, stepparent, stepsibling and half sibling are considered to be relatives.

USPS employees are also prohibited from taking direct or indirect action related to a relative’s career at the Postal Service.

Examples of prohibited actions include:

  • A higher-level spouse promoting a lower-level spouse;
  • An uncle hiring his nephew for a postal position in his facility;
  • An aunt asking a manager to give her niece a detail appointment; and
  • A brother-in-law recommending his sister-in-law for a supervisor position in his facility.

For more information, visit the Ethics page on Blue or contact the Ethics and Legal Compliance team at