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MFA update

PostalEASE functions reactivated

Postal employees can use PostalEASE to make changes to their net-to-bank and other allotment settings after they have set up their multifactor authentication preferences on LiteBlue.

Postal Service employees can once again change net-to-bank and allotment settings through PostalEASE on LiteBlue.

The organization recently added multifactor authentication (MFA) as an additional security layer for access to LiteBlue.

The Postal Service had disabled employees’ ability to change their net-to-bank and other allotment settings through PostalEASE on the site in January until MFA could be implemented.

Employees are still not able to make net-to-bank and allotment changes through the PostalEASE Interactive Voice Response system.

Employees who have set up their MFA preferences on LiteBlue and wish to make changes to their current net-to-bank or allotment settings should go to LiteBlue, verify their identity via MFA and navigate to PostalEASE.

Employees who have not set up MFA preferences on LiteBlue will not be able to access the website. The step-by-step instructions are on the MFA LiteBlue page, along with answers to frequently asked questions.

If you’re an employee and you identify activity with your account that looks suspicious, call the Accounting help desk at 866-974-2733.