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Slippery slope

West Hartford, CT, Letter Carrier Benito Vargas

Letter Carrier Benito Vargas was delivering mail one day last winter in a West Hartford, CT, neighborhood when he came upon an unconscious customer.

The man had slipped on ice in his driveway, striking the pavement headfirst.

Vargas rushed to the residence to alert the customer’s wife, who called 911, and remained on the scene until emergency responders arrived.

After the man recovered from a significant head injury, his wife mailed a letter to the Postal Service.

“I can only imagine what might have happened if Benito hadn’t been there,” she wrote. “Our driveway slopes down and my husband might have been there for an extended time until someone driving by saw him.”

She added: “We are eternally grateful to Benito and want the people he works for and with to know how wonderful he is!”

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