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Rising to the top

Executive, manager news

Do you know which USPS executives are moving up in the organization?

Here’s a look at Postal Service employees who received appointments or recognition recently:

Eddie L. Banner completed a special assignment in Illinois 1 District and resumed his duties as Kansas-Missouri District manager.

Paola R. Bonham, senior mail and package information systems specialist, was named to a special assignment working in sorting and delivery center logistics.

Kenneth T. Boyd, facilities customer relations manager, was named WestPac Area’s acting facilities customer relations manager.

• San Francisco Postmaster Avinesh D. Kumar was named Illinois 1 District’s acting manager.

Ronald R. Ralph, the Austin, TX, Processing and Distribution Center plant manager, retired Dec. 30 after 29 years with the Postal Service.

Anthony J. Rozier, the New Jersey Network Distribution Center manager, and Thomas K. Daniels Jr., the Charlotte, NC, Processing and Distribution Center senior plant manager, were named to special assignments with Processing Operations.

Derek J. Strissel completed a special assignment in Kansas-Missouri District and resumed his duties as Central Area’s operations integration manager. Richard Gillman IV, who served as acting operations integration manager, resumed his regular duties as management associate.

• Jamaica, NY, Postmaster Dermot G. Tuohy was named Seattle’s acting postmaster.

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