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Change delayed

Updated label, forms not yet available

Post Offices should continue using their supply of Postal Service forms 153, 3800, 3813 and 3813-P until the updated versions become available on eBuy Plus.

The Postal Service has delayed a previously announced plan to update a legacy label and several forms that don’t comply with current Intelligent Mail package barcode (IMpb) requirements.

The plan was delayed because the updated, IMpb-compliant inventory is not available yet in eBuy Plus.

Post Offices should continue to use:

Label 400, USPS Tracking
PS Form 153, Signature Confirmation Receipt
PS Form 3800, Certified Mail Receipt
PS Form 3813, Insured Mail Receipt $500 and Under
PS Form 3813-P, Insured Mail Receipt Over $500

Post Offices should not recycle or dispose of current inventory until further notice.

Additional information will be provided when the updated Label 400 and PS forms are available to order in eBuy Plus.

For more information or questions, email Shipping and Commerce Product Management at